You all have major game. I mean many of you are figuring out what region and in some cases what city and/or location we are at.  Way to go.

Now try this one?  We spend April 15, 2009 here.

Great city in Tuscany ... wonderful museum, incredible statues and architecture...pic_1785


We spent the day traveling through central Tuscany with our friends, Debbie and Steve.  Great vineyards, towns and scenery.

What city do you think this is?  Hints – this is a cathedral outside of this medieval, mountain town.

Cathedral in a medieval, mountain town.

So, yesterday we visited this beautiful city. Check out the images, look for clues (signs, types of architecture, language, etc.) and see if you can figure this one out?  This is a different city but in the same region as the one yesterday.

Go for it!

great Gothic, fortressed city in Europe

OK, let’s start a game (a take off on “where in the world is Matt Lauer”) called where is the world is Ron Jenson or WIT (where is this?  I travel a good deal and go to great places in the US and overseas. I want to bring you along, let you enjoy the experiences and see if you can figure out where I am.

Here is the deal.  I will show a picture or a video routinely, give you some hints on where I might be and then you go crazy and try to figure it out. Every month or so I’ll come up with some type of gift for the winner of the WIT contest.

So here is my first entry. Respond with your thoughts or guesses. Let’s make this fun so googleearth on. Look for signs in my hints and in the pictures and videos. Listen to sounds (languages, birds, trains, etc. in the videos). Be creative.

Here is the first picture. This is where Mary and I spent Easter and this week after this. We are there now. It is somewhere in Europe, a village of about 5000, on top of a hill and known for its many vineyards.

somewhere in europe

somewhere in europe

Try to figure this out.

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Pisa, Italy

Tomorrow we leave for 9 days in Tuscany, Italy. We are staying close to Pisa (trying to figure out how to straighten up that ole tower).   Come join us! And, let us know if you have favorite places there. We’d love to visit them.

Hello world!

We’ve been traveling around the world for many years and thought it was about time to let our friends join in on our great and gratifying experiencing. So come along and let us know your thoughts.